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"It was not in either of our plan to become teachers. We both draw a smirk when we think of it that way. Because most people are familiar with this line from a George Shaw play...

"Those who And those who can't...teach."

But together we found success early in our real estate sales careers, collectively selling over $100M in a market that is mostly driven by "who you know".

Quickly, we realized that we could help experienced and up-and-coming agents learn how to stop "selling" and start being entrepreneurs that use tools, systems, softwares, and automations to expand their business and quality of life."


John Keith is known within his community as a Top-Producing Broker Associate at LIV Sotheby's International Realty and throughout his first year of real estate sales he transacted on $17,000,000+ in luxury homes. He defined his first year as "a complete hustle". Even as a self-proclaimed hard-worker, John wanted to embrace a sustainable business model for procuring and servicing leads. He searched for ways to delegate specialized projects to professionals and create automations. This ultimately lead him to cross paths with Marco Del Zotto.

Born and raised in Northern Italy, Marco Del Zotto is a former, professional figure skater. "Skating ultimately gave me focus, discipline, meticulous attention to detail, and relationships around the entire world." As an early adopter of softwares and technologies, he is constantly enhancing the customer experience. He places a strong emphasis on "people, process, and technology".

Together, John & Marco founded the Keith & Del Zotto Group at LIV Sotheby's International Realty in Breckenridge, CO in 2020. Immediately, they found success in Colorado's Resort Markets, representing several multimillion dollar listings within a short period of time utilizing many of the principles, concepts, and disciplines found within their Master The Mail & Follow-Up Course.


"John and Marco have a way of simplifying complex concepts in this course. The direct mailing and follow up process is highly effective in my market. This course consists of four simple phases loaded with valuable information. Looking forward to more! "

-Jennifer, LIV Sotheby's CO

"I'm not a tech person and I learned so much from Master The Mail & Follow-Up. One phase that changed my business was about the design elements of a successful mailer! Highly recommend this course to agents looking to grow their business!"

-Laurel, LIV Sotheby's CO